Now you can get benefits of both PPF and Ceramic coating

Material we use

Paint Protection Film (PPF)

The new 2019 development of our PPF called HYDROTEK improves all aspects including Self-Healing, Hydrophobicity, Stain resistance, Glossiness, and durability. Perfect for both exterior and interior protection.

Infotainment Screen Protector

Our BLACKTech is developed specifically for infotainment screen featuring glass-like slick touch, high clarity, and 100% nail resistance. Unlike glass, BLACKTech is developed on NO-BREAK formulation so it is safe to your screen. High grade silicone adhesive gives you ability to re-position and can be applied DRY.

Here are risk areas we can protect


Exterior High-Risk

Door cup | Door sills | Door edges | Trunk Ledge

Headlight Protection


360 Protection

Bumper | Hood | Full car

Interior Protection

High-gloss | Wood trim

Exterior High-gloss

High-gloss pillar | High-gloss grill

Check out more protection areas

iThere are many more areas we can protect, if you don't find it, contact us for more information

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It took quite long time for our DIY installation. But we made it. Fit my Honda Accord door cup perfectly

- Fah

DIY door cup protection

We had our black Mercedes full front wrapped by ARCTIC film. Very high gloss and hydrophobic is superb.

- Vicharn

Full front wrap

Not so cheap but worth every penny. Used to wrap cheap one for my old car but turned yellow and left ugly glue stain when remove.

- Supachok

Bumper protection

Will stick with ARCTIC for all our car interior protection. Fill in all swirls and not dull texture like others. Design can fit curves perfectly and nobody knows our car has film on if I don't tell

- Jesse

Interior protection